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ELEVATE WORSHIP INTERNSHIP is a eight week program designed to train worship leaders and musicians for local churches. Based out of Lubbock, TX, the internship is designed to provide holistic training in local church worship ministry through classroom instruction, hands-on ministry experience, and private music lessons. Students will participate in the worship ministry of Emmanuel Worship Center, and learn from excellent practitioners in the worship ministry. Training by the local church for the local church.


The mission of the Elevate internship program is to develop Christian Musicians and Worship Leaders with a passion to: REACH out to the hurting around the world, SERVE others with no strings attached, GIVE unselfishly as stewards of God’s resources, significance, equipping them to bring the healing truth of Jesus Christ to a hurting world through praise and worship.


Elevate Internship offers eight weeks designed to engage students in an academic and practical approach to the Music Ministry. Elevate Internship challenges students to live a life of faith and helps them develop their skills musically while serving in different areas of ministry.


  • Directing a Band
  • Intro Studio Recording
  • Practical Music Theory
  • Applied Music
  • Servant Management
  • Health & Fitness
  • Foundations of the Bible
  • The Life of David
  • Songwriting


Q. Where will I live for 2 months?
You will be housed at the Emmanuel Worship Center Activity Center. There are separate dorms and showers allocated for guys and girls.

Q. Can I bring my vehicle?
Interns cannot have a car while in the Elevate Internship.

Q. Can my family visit?
Of course! We love family members to see what you are spending 2 months of your life doing. You will still be required to do your daily activities, but you may receive special permission to spend time with family members while they are visiting. There is one Saturday out of the 8 weeks designated for family visitation.

Q. What will I eat?
Three Meals will be provided everyday for all interns. This is included in your tuition. Any food outside of that will be paid for by you.

Q. Can I work while in Elevate?
You will not be able to have a job while in the Elevate Internship. Elevate is extremely consuming and we want you to focus on it wholeheartedly.

Q. What about health insurance?
All interns are required to have health insurance for the duration of the internship.

Q. Do I bring spending money?
You will need to provide your own spending money for any clothes, eating out, etc. Please budget for extra expenditures as you see fit.

Contact Us

Do you need more information? Have questions that need answering? Our Admission’s Department would love to help. Please email us or call us and our Admission’s Office will contact you shortly.

Elevate Worship Internship
1102 70th St Lubbock, TX 79412
Ph. 806.745.1684
Fax 806.745.1631